How we afford to travel even though we’re broke

How we afford to travel even though we're broke - Us in Cancun


We don’t have a lot of money. I just graduated college and have yet to start a “big kid job.” (I do work two part time jobs, but they don’t pay much.) My husband is a full-time student and works during summer and part-time during school. But we still manage to travel.


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If we can do it with our limited income, you can do it too! Here’s how we afford to travel even though we’re broke:


1. Prioritize

We’re able to travel because we make it a priority. That means giving up other things so that we can spend money on travel.


We don’t have cable TV. We don’t even have a TV for that matter. We don’t have any subscriptions to boxes, magazines, or music services (with the occasional splurge for road trips.) We limit how much we eat out. Etc.


I’m not saying that those things are bad. But in order to travel, those are things that we do without. If you’re trying to figure out how to travel, but feel like you don’t have enough money, try evaluating your monthly expenses. What can you go without in exchange for a vacation?


If you really want to travel, you can do it even with a low income. You just have to decide what you’re willing to give up to make it happen.


2. Separate Savings Account

Having a separate savings account for travel makes it so much easier to put money away. Every month, we set aside a little bit of money into our “Trip Fund.” Sometimes it’s $200; sometimes it’s $10. It depends on our income and expenses that month. But we always try to put in something.


A good way to make sure that you save is to have the money automatically taken out of your paycheck and put into your travel fund. If you have direct deposit, you can fill out a form so that your employer will put different amounts into different accounts. If you don’t have a lot of money, try having $10 from every paycheck put into a travel fund and then get the rest deposited into your normal account. Chances are, you won’t miss that $10.


We have a Barclays Online Savings Account for our travel fund. We actually have about six different savings accounts through Barclays for different things like a house fund, car fund, etc. They make it super easy to set up a new account and name it whatever you’d like so that you can keep track of what the money is for. You can see all of your accounts in one place and it makes it really easy to save for different things all at once. (I am not affiliated with Barclays, just find it a helpful savings tool and thought you might too!)


3. Making extra cash online (see how here!)

I wrote an article about five ways I make a little extra money online (see that here!). In the post I explain how I use Ibotta, Ebates, Swagbucks, Usertesting, and my Discover It card to make extra money for travel. I don’t make very much money with these methods, but every little bit helps us save up for our next trip.


4. Travel on a Budget

Travel doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. There are plenty of ways to save money on travel itself. Here are a few budget travel tips:


Budget Travel Tips

1. Don’t travel far from home. You’d probably be surprised at how many neat places there are to go close to where you live. You can go for a staycation experience and stay in your own town. Do a road trip, so you don’t have to pay for plane tickets. Or find an inexpensive flight to somewhere fairly close by.


2. Choose an inexpensive destination. For example, rather than visiting Hawaii try visiting Cancun, Mexico. In Hawaii the food, hotels, and transportation can be costly, whereas in Cancun, everything will be cheaper.


3. Airbnb. Using Airbnb instead of always staying at hotels saves us so much money on travel. Not only can you find some really nice places for really cheap, but you can stay somewhere with a kitchen. Not eating out for every meal saves a lot of money when traveling. (Use my referral link here to save $40 off your first stay of $75 or more!)


4.Groupon. Before heading off on a trip, I always check for local groupons in the place we’re going. You can often find deals around 40% off. This helps us do cool activities without spending a fortune.


I hope that using these tips you too can travel even if you don’t have a lot of money! Comment below or send me a message if you found this article helpful! I’m still trying to figure out what my readers (you!) like to read about! So let me know!

We don't have a lot of money, but we're still able to travel! And you can too!                       We don't have a lot of money, but we're still able to travel! And you can too!

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