Gift Ideas for Travelers (By Price Point)

EarthPak Dry Bag in the Philippines


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your friend, sister, uncle, or anyone else who loves to travel, you’re in the right place! As frequent travelers ourselves, we’ve compiled this list for you based on our own experiences: things we have and things we’d love to be given as a gift! Without further ado, here is our list of gift ideas for travelers, sorted by price point:


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Gift Ideas: $0-10


6-ft Phone Charger Cable  ~$8

This is one of my travel necessities. Let’s be honest. The 3-ft phone charger that comes with an iPhone is just not ideal. If you’re like me, you’re leaning over the edge of your bed or sitting on the ground in order to use your phone while it’s charging. A couple years ago I got a 6-ft charging cable for Christmas and it made my life so much better!


This is the perfect gift for someone who travels a lot. Hotel outlets aren’t always ideally located. The outlets on the plane make it difficult to plug your device in and use it at the same time. Trust me, your traveling friend will thank you for this one! They also make a version for android devices which you can find here.


Passport Holder ~$8

A passport holder is perfect for keeping your passport and boarding pass handy in the airport. There are some really cute and fashionable ones out there that are also RFID blocking. When choosing one for a gift, I highly recommend looking for one that’s RFIB blocking to protect their passport from hackers.


Quart Size Ziploc Bags ~$3

This seems a bit odd, but TSA Security anyone? If you’re looking for a cheap gift for a frequent flyer, this is actually a great idea. You can also opt for a nicer quart size bag, like this one, but I honestly prefer using regular Ziploc bags. If something spills inside, I can just toss it and use a new one.


Colgate Mini Toothbrushes ~$5

While I wouldn’t recommend these Mini Toothbrushes as a regular toothbrush, they work surprisingly well for freshening up! I like to keep these in my purse all the time for whenever I’m out and about and feel the need to freshen my mouth. But they are especially great for long flights to help you feel clean and awake when it’s time to deplane. With the built in minty gel, you don’t need a sink or water to use them! You can usually find them at Target, Walmart, and most pharmacies.


Luggage Scale ~$10

There are tons of options for luggage scales in various price ranges. I linked above to a fairly inexpensive, but very highly rated one on I love having a luggage scale for travel because I never have to worry about having an overweight bag. It allows me to pack as much stuff as possible without going over the limit. This gift is ideal for those frequent flyers on your list.


Travel-size Mosquito Repellant ~$6

If you know a traveler who likes to travel internationally to tropical destinations, this is the perfect gift. Many countries don’t sell mosquito repellant with deet which is the kind needed to protect yourself from mosquitos carrying dengue fever and other diseases. You can go for the wipes (like I show above), a stick, or any bottle less than 100 ml per TSA regulations.


Luggage Tags – varies $2-20+

If your traveler doesn’t already have luggage tags, this would make a great gift. I’ve been needing to get some for a while now, but I’ve never gotten around to it! There are so many options available for any budget. You can literally find some for $2 and some for $100. I love this set of three (pictured above) from amazon for $15. Amazon has tons of options. You can also find them at almost any store: Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Forever 21, probably even the grocery store. If you’re looking for some that you can personalize, try They have so many cute options, like this world map one.


Travel Journal ~$8

Although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes pictures don’t tell the whole story. When I read my travel journal from past adventures I remember what it really felt like to be there. I remember the struggles that I faced and the good times. It’s easy to forget the challenges of a trip when you only take pictures of the highlights. I absolutely love looking back on my travel journal and remembering what I felt in that moment I was writing. The link above is to the journal that I personally have and use on my travels. I love the design and the pages are high quality. It has little inspiration travel quotes on some pages also! There are tons of option for travel journals out there. It doesn’t matter if you choose one that costs $1 or $30. Your traveler will love having somewhere to store memories of their next trip!


Gift Ideas: $11-20

Pack Towel ~$16

My husband and I love our Pack Towels for traveling. Towels are usually bulky, taking up a lot of weight and space in your bag. These towels are very compact and lightweight, but dry you off surprisingly well. We almost always bring them with us when we travel, hike, or camp. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. I recommend the medium or large size. It would make the perfect gift for any traveler.


Cute Enamel Mug ~$12-20

I’ve seen these flying around Pinterest for a while now and I really want one! There are so many cute options out there. The link above is to one on Amazon that I’m eyeing for myself. But there are a bunch of cute ones at United By Blue that you should check out too!


Spotify Premium Membership ~$10-30

Whenever we know we’re going on a long trip, we sign up for Spotify Premium for that month. It allows us to download tons of music and listen to it offline, which is key for traveling. This means you can listen to music even when you don’t have access to wifi or cellular data. Perfect for on the plane, in another country, or on the road! Spotify lets you give a premium membership as a gift in increments of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. If you’re giving this as a travel gift, the 1 month ($10) or 3 month ($30) memberships are perfect! To find the gift feature go to the Spotify home page and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to the footer and you’ll find the “gift” link.


PURGGO Car Odor Absorber ~$20


This is the perfect gift for a frequent road tripper! I’m considering getting one for our car. While I have not personally tried this product, it is very highly rated on amazon. I hate those scented air fresheners that give you a headache after 20 minutes and this seems like a good alternative. It’s difficult to keep your car smelling perfect if you often take long road trips, so this would be a much appreciated gift (as long as the person isn’t too easily offended!).


Gift Ideas: $21-50


Packing Cubes ~$22

There are so many good choices out there for packing cubes around the $20 mark, so I can’t tell you which ones are the best. But I can tell you this: these make packing for travel much easier, especially if you’re packing in a backpack. If you need to get to something at the bottom of the pack, you don’t have to dump everything out into a big pile. You can instead pull out the nice neat cubes. I highly recommend these as a gift for anyone who travels frequently.


EarthPak 20L Dry Bag ~$25

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who likes to travel to tropical places, go to the beach, go anywhere rainy, go hiking, kayaking, or anything else that involves the possibility of water, this is a great gift. We have the 20L pack which is the perfect size to hold both mine and my husband’s stuff for a day trip (the picture at the top of this post is my husband in the Philippines with our dry bag!). I recommend the Earthpak brand because it is the one we have and I know it works! We have used ours through a lot of water activities and it keeps our stuff dry every time.


HydroFlask Insulated Water Bottle  ~$30

I personally have a 21oz Hydro Flask insulated bottle with the standard mouth opening. I take it EVERYWHERE with me! What makes it such a great gift is that it comes in a variety of pretty colors and manly colors and all different shapes and sizes.

It’s perfect for bringing coffee, water, smoothies, or anything else on the go. And it really does keep things hot or cold for a long time! I’ve left ice water in my Hydroflask in the car when it was 100+ degrees outside for nearly 8 hours and there was still ice in it when I got back!


Scratch-off Map ~$30


These are amazing! They’re great for the traveler who likes to tell stories about their adventures since they are a great conversation starter. They also have a really cool one that’s just the USA instead of the world map, which is perfect for RVers or the domestic-only traveler. And there’s one of just Europe!


Cairn Subscription Box – $30+

The Cairn Subscription Box is best for outdoorsy adventurers who love hiking, backpacking, etc. I gifted a 3-month subscription of this box to my husband last year and he loved it! It comes with all kinds of little gadgets and snacks that are well worth $30/ month. You can gift it in most increments between 1-month and 12-months.


Gift Ideas: $51+


Mophie Powerstation ~$51









My parents got us one of these for Christmas last year and it is amazing! It enables us to charge our phones and tablets on-the-go anywhere. There isn’t always an available plug in the airport and not all planes have in seat outlets. You can charge your phone or tablet multiple times off of the battery pack before you have to recharge the pack. It’s very small and compact which makes it great for travel. It also comes in a variety of colors!


Airbnb Gift Card – $50+

For graduation my mother-in-law got us an Airbnb gift card and Southwest Airlines gift cards. As frequent travelers we much appreciate the gift cards and are super excited to plan a trip using them. We love using Airbnb for accommodations while traveling because they have many unique places to stay and options in all price-ranges from budget to luxury. While I’m sure a gift card in any amount would be much appreciated, I recommend giving a card of $50 or more as the cost for a budget-friendly night on Airbnb averages about $50.


Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera ~$65

New “polaroid” style cameras have become very popular recently. And honestly, I have been wanting one. A couple years ago we volunteered in Mexico and I really wished I had a way to print photos to give to friends I made there. Oftentimes in developing countries you may not have access to somewhere to print off photos. With an instant camera like this, the photos print automatically making it easy to share hard copies. While the camera is fairly inexpensive, the film can be pricey often around $1/ page. Amazon offers a value pack at $36/ 60 sheets which is the best deal I’ve found. But the price of film can be something to think about when buying this camera. However, it would make a great gift for the traveler who loves to take photos with new-found friends.


Grand Trunk Double Hammock  ~$70

My husband and I received this as a wedding gift that wasn’t even on our registry and we love it! It easily fits two people, is super easy to set up, and packs away into a nice small bag. The fact that it can pack up so small and is very lightweight makes it great for travel. We love to bring it hiking, camping, or just out to the park. It’s perfect for that person or couple who love the outdoors. It also comes in a wide variety of colors!


Bose QC25 Noise Canceling Headphones ~$280

Noise canceling headphones are a great gift for frequent flyers. Airplanes are loud. Even without a crying baby or loud snoring guy next to you, the airplane itself is loud. While there are many noise canceling headphones on the market, Bose are without a doubt the best. Keep in mind that the Bose QC25 headphones which are linked above come in a different version for Apple and Android devices. After much research, it seems the consensus is that you can use the Apple ones with Android and vice versa though you lose some functionality in the cable such as adjusting volume. So be sure to keep in mind which type of device your traveler uses when purchasing these as a gift. You can also check out the Bose QC35 Headphones which are more expensive, but wireless.


Nikon D5300 ~$500

This is the newer version of the camera that we often bring traveling (Nikon D5100). It’s fairly small for a DSLR, but not tiny. If you know someone who loves to take great travel photos, but usually uses their smartphone camera, this would make the perfect gift. It’ll take some practice and learning if they’ve never used a DSLR before. But it isn’t too difficult to learn with the multitude of free resources online. Whether you choose this camera or a different DSLR your traveling friend will thank you!


Final Thoughts:

Whether you decide on a $10 luggage scale or a $200 Airbnb Gift Card, your traveling friend will appreciate anything on this list! I hope you found it helpful. Let me know what you think of the ideas by commenting below or sending me a message!

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a traveling friend, look no further! Here is a complete list of gift ideas for travelers!

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a traveling friend, look no further! Here is a complete list of gift ideas for travelers!

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