Photo of us at a friend's wedding


Hi there! I’m Adrianna and I write most of the blog posts here. My husband and I have been married for almost three years now. In that time we’ve traveled to 20 new states and two new countries


I believe that traveling together is one of the things that keeps our relationship strong and exciting. There are many couples who have quit their jobs and lives to travel the world. But that’s not us. We travel between work and school and on weekends. It isn’t always easy. The only way we do it is by making it a priority in our lives. If a young, broke, married couple can travel as much as we do, you can do it too!


I started this blog to inspire other married couples to travel more together. I want you to share in how much it can benefit your relationship. This blog is full of tips and tricks for every step of the process from saving money to packing to what to expect when you arrive.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that travel will fix all of your relationship problems or be a magical solution to anything. There are many components to a healthy marriage. We believe that our faith in the Lord is the biggest thing that holds our relationship together.


If you’re struggling in your relationship, want to learn more about Jesus/ church/ God, or just want some good life advice, I would highly recommend checking out Your Move by Andy Stanley. These are short 30 minute messages that are based in the bible, but are relevant whether or not you are a Jesus follower. What I love is that the messages are perfect for anyone. If you aren’t so sure about “church” they aren’t trying to push you into it. If you’re a long-time Jesus follower, the messages are still fantastic because they are so relatable. I absolutely love listening to the Your Move podcasts. (Note: I have no affiliation with “Your Move” or Andy Stanley other than that I love listening to their podcasts.)


When we aren’t traveling or listening to Your Move podcasts, you can probably find us at the gym, working, hiking, or wherever there are puppies. Our lives can get pretty hectic sometimes, but we try our best to make time for each other and time to travel together.


I truly hope that you find this blog inspirational and helpful in your travel endeavors. If you have an idea you’d like us to write about, a question, or just want to say hi, you can contact us here!